DIY for Dummies

Happy Halloween

Here is a quick and cheap costume that my friend Lauren and I did for Halloween this year. After a couple of years, of having to explain what we were we finally decided to go classic. So, we were pumpkins.

Here is a picture of the final product. Now here is what you will need to make this adorable costume:

  1. Orange pillow case
  2. A spool of Green Ribbon
  3. Black Felt
  4. Needle and thread
  5. Fabric Scissors

(We bought king size pillow cases so they would be longer and we could choose the length of our dresses.)

Before we begin. Notice the pillow case has one existing opening that has a folded over edge. This will be the top of your dress.

Follow these steps:

  1. cut open the end of the pillow case that is sewn shut-creating a strapless dress
  2. the top of your dress will be that folded over edge of the pillow case – cut a slight “J-shape” for your sleeves
  3. Now you have also created an opening for the ribbon to slide through that folded edge- Take your ribbon cut enough slide through both the front and back openings – the two will tie together  in a bow to create straps.
  4. Cut a pumpkin face out of the felt, and stitch it on the front of your dress.
  5. Iron it and you are DONE!

Now, you could have done a cleaner job at the hem and also the sleeves, but for a poor college student without a sewing machine, we went without. Questions? Feel free to ask 🙂



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