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NYC Here I come!

Last Spring I studied abroad in Rome, Italy. It was by far the most incredible experience I have ever had. I miss it so much, and even more so I miss all the awesome people I met. So, what better reunion than NYC for New Years? That’s right, I am heading to the big apple for New Years with all my “Roman” friends.  Now, I visited NYC when I was in high school for a couple of days and already checked off the big stuff ( Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building..), so here is my to-do-list for this time around:

10. See Grand Central Station, is it really as grand as you East Coasters say it is?

9. Stroll through Central Park

8. Drink a Manhattan, in Manhattan

7. See the Today’s show studio

6. Try a slice of New York Style Pizza..( doubtful its better than Napoli, but I guess its worth trying)

Image by Ishaan Mishra

5. Window shop on 5th Avenue

4.  Skate at the Rockefeller

3. See a Broadway show..should my bank account allow it

2. Get dessert at Serendipity

1. See Times Square on New Years Eve

I will be in NYC for 10 days, and I have a couple of months before then. I know my list will grow, but I hope you enjoyed the first few.



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