My attempt to get good at this blogging thing..

So I have technically had Daisies and To-Do-Lists up for twenty days. And…I only have two posts?? It turns out finding time for those daisies is harder than I thought! (I suppose having 18 credits and two jobs doesn’t really help..)

To inspire me to find time, I have decided to scope out some of my fellow bloggers and see what advice I can get from them. And I must say I have found a few that I know will be favorites soon.

Here Are a few of the blogs I love.

1. What I aspire my blog to be once I am established..

2 A hilarious take on how college students approach the real adult world, refreshingly original 🙂

3. Two guys and their laugh out loud blog. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Sorry for the delay in posts, midterms suck up a lot of time. I have some fun fall DIY and recipes coming soon!


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