About Me

Daisies and To-Do-Lists

You ever notice when you are writing a to-do-list and your mind starts to wander..then without thinking your notebook is covered in doodled daisies? My lists are a way for me to clear my head of all things I need to get done..and the daisies, well they never get crossed out.

And, why would they. Its not like I go out and buy daisies every time I make a list…( though maybe this last time I did). So, what is it about these daisies that is so unsettling. Well, after some thought I decided that maybe, just maybe, they are simple reminders of the things that I wish I had time for, things that never quite make the cut for my long and often times reaching  to-do-lists.

Thus, Daisies and To-Do-Lists was born. So here’s to you daisies, I am finally making time for you, my sweet, simple pleasures.


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